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Why Choose Full Body Vitrified Tiles?

Choosing the right flooring for any space can be quite tricky. Every space has different aesthetic and functional needs and choosing tiles that work best for your space is important. Factors like aesthetics, maintenance, and performance are taken into consideration to choose the best-fit floor tiles.

Vitrified tiles are the newest rage in the tile industry and they have never failed to amaze. Depending on the design and utility requirements, we have different types of vitrified tiles to choose from like glazed tiles, full body tiles, double charged tiles, digitally printed tiles, and soluble salt nano tiles. For residential purposes GVT and PGVT tiles work best while you could add some drama in between with digital tiles, full body tiles are durable and can withstand heavy traffic which makes them ideal for homes as well as commercial spaces. Full body vitrified tiles are super durable, highly abrasion-resistant, and can withstand wear and tear. 

Advantages of Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Due to high performance and versatility, full body tiles make an ideal fit for residential as well as commercial spaces. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits.


One cannot doubt the durability of full body tiles. Built with the best technology and raw materials, full body tiles are thicker than other tile types and offer a long-lasting and sturdy performance with minimum wear and tear guaranteed.


Full body tiles are an elegant choice because it has uniformity in color throughout the surface of the tiles. This adds a hint of classy to your flooring.

Scratch and Stain resistant

Tiles that are durable, low maintenance, and do not require any extensive repairs are essential for commercial and industrial spaces. Full body tiles are scratch and stain resistant which makes them an easy-to-maintain choice.

Resistant to chemicals and acids

Full body vitrified tiles are immune to the damage caused by most chemicals, making them a great choice for industrial and commercial use where there is exposure to spills. Also, they are water-resistant and neutral to UV rays.


Full body vitrified tiles are anti-slippery tiles that prevent falling, slipping, and other accidents. 

Full body tiles are an ideal flooring option not just for industrial and commercial spaces but also for homes. They are super durable and will last longer than any other tile type. Besides, it gives a clean, classy, and uniform look to our space which makes your flooring refined. With above-mentioned qualities, these tiles could ensure a premium, hassle-free experience for property owners.

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